Erectile Dysfunction is serious only at young age

It is common knowledge that a person’s sexual health is a part and parcel of his overall health and if there is something amiss in any one...

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Busting some of the myths relating to Erectile Dysfunction


It is a common problem:

It has been found that 4 out of ten men in the world are today suffering from a condition called the erectile dysfunction. The condition implies the inability or the difficulty of their penises to get or to maintain an erection. Even though this problem is common enough, there is a general hesitancy amongst the men in discussing this topic freely and to seek medical help at the earliest.

The root of the problem:

Years ago, it was believed that the reason for this problem was the emotional or the mental stress that the man was going through which did not allow him to have a proper erection or maintain it. But, newer research has contributed to the fact that the underlying problem is more physical in nature than psychological.

The consequence of the condition:

Because of the farfetched consequence of this condition like a drop in the person’s self esteem and problems of dissatisfaction in relationship with his sexual partners, the consequence itself could be manifest in the form of extreme stress and other psychological syndromes such as inferiority complex and loss of self worth.

The stigma that there is:

RiverKiss-1024x689-mahefyqnzrqqh5niqdrz3b6gwkfm6zrb3u95b8l0h8Well, to say the least, men who encounter problems in their sexual life are the least confident in seeking help. On the contrary, these problems should be the ones that should be given priority in life. There is absolutely no need to hesitate or feel shy or even embarrassed. The fact remains that sexual health is part of the overall health and it deserves equal attention if not more!

Let’s start busting some amusing and some really bizarre Erectile Dysfunction myths:

Myth #1

Erectile Dysfunction is serious only at young age:

It is common knowledge that a person’s sexual health is a part and parcel of his overall health and if there is something amiss in any one, it will definitely affect the other. So, if you are someone who thinks that Erectile Dysfunction does not attract any medical attention if you are well over fifty or sixty years of age, think again! This one is not connected to age at all.


Men are the worst affected by this condition:

Supposing you thought that you as a man would be the only one affected because of the condition called ED, you can be nothing more than terribly wrong. The condition can take a heavy toll on your sex partner who will also suffer low self esteem coupled with the feeling that they are not loved enough.


Erectile Dysfunction is caused by wearing tight underwear:

No. there is no research whatsoever that has been able t establish a connection between tight underwear and Erectile Dysfunction. Snap out of it!

Myth #4

Erectile dysfunction will manifest itself only after a relationship problem arises:inner-romance-experience

ED is known to become complicated with having problems in sexual relationships but the underlying root of the problem is majorly physiological and not psychological. Therefore it could be a contributing cause and not the real cause at all


The condition is an age related disease only:

Certain are related medical conditions like hyper tension, diabetes, etc can increase the scope for a man to contract symptoms of ED but there is no connection between age and ED. It can happen with anyone at any age.


There is only limited scope for treatment of this condition:

The first line of treatment for ED is lifestyle changes like quitting to smoke, accommodating exercise daily and to eat healthy meals. However, seeing a doctor is mandatory who will diagnose and try setting the underlying physical anomalies at rest by prescribing some oral drugs.


fotografia_slubna_reportaz_slubny_torun_hotel_1231_parafia_jakuba_plener_slubny_torun_i_okolice0388-1200x350Men with this condition are bereft of sexual desires:

The only way that ED can impact a man’s sexual life is that he may fear having sex due to embarrassment that he may not have an erection or he may suffer from excessive anxiety that he may not be able to perform in bed.


Why see a doctor, this one will go off with time:

Yes, ED may not be fatal but it could signal to some other serious or fatal condition that the body is going through which is manifest in this condition. Ideally, a person with ED must not delay and seek immediate medical attention. Heart problem or problems relating to the circulatory system are often diagnosed with the first hint of an ED.